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Ramatuelle | Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

This project has a total of 47 renders and an architectural animation film wich I was commissed to produce for a client. The goal was to create compelling marketing visuals and a film. The project was a renovation of 2 villas and the creation of 2 new ones as an extention of the already existing buildings.

This set of stunning villas is located in Ramatuelle, right next to Saint-Tropez, France. Each villa has in average 7 bedrooms, gym, cinema, hammam and 2 warm terraces with swimming pool linked with the outside.

After all visuals produced bellow you will find a making-of with the process and how it was done from the beggining.

Still renders

Maneby villa

Bagary villa

Blum villa

Cuverie villa

Making of

I’ll try to explain here the process I normally use to create several images for a project and how I’ve done with this project in specific.
So to start I have:

1. received the blueprint plans (2d dwg), elevation drawings of the villas, a sketchup file of Blum villa alone and many photos from the site location. To illustrate, here are some of them :

2. gathered many references before starting the modeling process:

– real photos from ramatuelle villas;
– 3d references for the moods I would be trying to achieve;
– a selection of 3d furniture I could use in the project so it has the luxury feeling needed.

You can see these references down bellow.

Real photo references

3D rendering references

3D furniture pre-selection

3. after the briefing and all references gathered, it was time for modeling the structures of each villa. I had to refine the sketchup model sent to me so I could add details and also model each other villa separately from scratch.

4. next I’ve made a selection of plants to use in the project that match the elevation drawings and the references as well as the mediterranean type of plants where the project is located.

5. started texturing the villas and working on materials creation so the base shaders of the structure looks good in the render :

6. with shaders adjusted, it was time to create all the cameras and compositions to create a whitebox render so the client could give feedback.

7. after some series of feedbacks regarding camera angles, composition and full geometry comments I’ve then proceeded to adjust the materials needed and to render the final images wich you can see at the beggining of this page.

Of course this is a long process that requires focus, many exchanges and feedback with the client so the results are satisfying for both.

I hope this was well explained and I’ve covered most aspects of creating 3d visuals for a large project.

Thank you for your time watching all the way down here.

If you have any questions about my work don’t hesitate to reach out.