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casa gus eac

Casa Gus | Buenos Aires, Tigre
Area: 580 sqm

architecture | Studio EAC
architecture visualization | Monteviz

This is a non-commissioned project to study the project Casa Gus by Ezequiel Amado Cattaneo.

Since the beggining the focus was to produce the best results possible in terms of lighting, materials and exotic vegetation compared to the photographs.

I’ve chosen to work with different natural lighting conditions to experiment wich could be the best and finally they all had nice outputs wich you can see down bellow.

Making of

I’ll explain here the process I used to create these visuals based on plans and photos.
So, to start I have:

1. gathered the blueprint plans (2d dwg) and photos from the actual house. Of course, this house was already constructed when I did the 3d renderings, but if it was not I would look for reference photos of a similar house and with lighting conditions I would like to have in my renders.


reference photos

2. started modeling the structures and at this time I’ve already created all the cameras and compositions. Here’s some progression :

3. created whitebox renders so I could adjust lighting and of course, in this project there was not a client at the end of the process, so I was my own client to give feedback and approve overall quality.

4. to wrap up, after whitebow renders I’ve create materials and adjusted them so they look how I want, compared to the photos. And that’s is it.

progression render to test shaders

Thank you for your time watching all the way down here.

If you have any questions about my work don’t hesitate to reach out.